How Long Will It Take You To Obtain An Electrical Contractor’s License?

How Long Will It Take You To Obtain An Electrical Contractor's License?

Electrical contractors are professionals that specialize in wiring systems and electrical equipment. They hold the responsibility for maintenance, installations, repair duties along with upgrading an electrical system or wiring in buildings that are older. These professionals are required to have a number of business skills that includes cost estimating, sales and management. An electrical contractor usually benefits from securing a degree, yet this type of career can also be learnt out in the field on jobs. Click here to get some tips on finding local electricians.

Deciding How Long You Are Willing To Study For

Electrical contractors have the choice of obtaining a certificate that will take around a year, or an Associate Degree which will take about 2 years. For those who are interested in advancing their studies they can also obtain a Bachelor’s degree which takes up to 4 years. The advanced degrees usually include classes that involve higher level business skills such as contracts and management. This often gives these candidates an advantage or leading edge when they apply for employment with bigger corporations. However, these skill sets are not a requirement for most of the regular jobs.

How Long Will It Take You To Obtain An Electrical Contractor's License?

Choosing A College

When deciding on where to study the first step involves meeting up with academic advisers in order to obtain information about the different programs as well as what they offer. These advisers will usually give you more information on whether there is financial assistance available. These advisers will give you advice on what courses you should take to become a successful electrical contractor.

Applying To A College

When you have decided on the program that matches up to your needs, the next step involves applying for admission for the training program. The requirements for the application will be very different from just a certificate-program onto a 4-year college degree. An example of this includes that the 4-year college application required SAT scores, while the certificate programs don’t.

How Long Will It Take You To Obtain An Electrical Contractor's License?

Apprentice Programs

Electricians are not forced to obtain college degrees, but they will need a GED or high-school degree. You can also obtain your education by becoming an apprentice where you will learn the necessary skills on the job. Apprentices work with experienced electrical contractors where they will learn all the necessary skills associated with this industry. The apprenticeships usually last for around 5 years, but you will be paid while working.

The NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) regularly posts available apprenticeships which can assist you in finding a company to get started with. In most cases, your salary will increase each year over the training program. Another alternative is to obtain hands-on experience in the Military. Most employers regard a military service background in the same way they do college degrees. Joining up with the military is a great way to obtain the skills you need without having to pay tuition. Learn more about Electrical contractor licences.

OSHA Safety Training Courses

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is one of the government programs that deals with safety in the workplace. Electrical contractors will often work in conditions regarded as dangerous, which means completing the OSHA training course is often a worthwhile credential when you start looking for a job.

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