Tips On How To Verify An Electrician’s Licence

Tips On How To Verify An Electrician's Licence

In addition to the dangers associated with any type of residential-electrical project, electrical work that is faulty can result in fires, and homeowners’ insurance might not cover the damages that arise from electrical work that is unlicensed.

Why An Electrical License Is Important

Any type of electrical work will require training. In most cases, journeyman electricians should have completed 5-years of education along with 10,000 hours of “on-the-job” training. In fact, electrical training happens to be one of the longest programs when it comes to apprenticeship work. This industry involves teaching electricians the safe way to work with wiring and electrical systems, along with local codes and laws.

The building codes usually vary by community or state. The NEC (National Electrical Code) is usually a minimum standard when it comes to electrical work for the majority of states. These codes receive an update every 3 years. Licensed electricians are aware of each code requirement, and they will also know if it needs a permit. To get info. about obtain an electrical contractor’s license; visit:

Tips On How To Verify An Electrician's Licence

Tips On How To Verify A License

There are 3 information types you are able to use for verifying a license. The first way is to use a number on the electricians license. This information can be derived from using the full name of the electrician. Verification is also possible when using the name of the company. While every state has differing requirements along with licensing organizations, the licensing department in your local area will be able to verify whether the electrician is in fact licensed to operate within your community. The Department of Labor in your state can also provide this information.

A secondary step you can take is to ask the electrician to show you proof of their liability insurance. These insurance companies are able to verify the license of the electrician. Licenses associated with electrical work is made available for contractors or individuals. The contractors are required to verify work handled by their employees matches up to the code requirements. When the electrician presents their license, make sure the name of the person matches up to the credentials on the license. For contractors licenses, make sure the individual is in fact employed by a licensed company.

Important Questions To Ask An Electrician Before You Hire

1. Ask if they insured, bonded and licensed?

The electrician must have an electrical license that is valid, insurance and bonding.

2. How much experience does the contractor have?

The electrician may have many years of education, but how much experience do they have.

3. Who will be doing the actual work?

Make sure you find out if the actual owner will be carrying out the work, or will they use their employees or a subcontractor? If an owner is not onsite, then the employee must be a journeyman electrician. If a subcontractor is carrying out the electrical work, the homeowners need to know about their legal responsibilities as subcontractors are not always covered under the insurance of the contractor.

4. Does the electrician provide a warranty?

It is important to find out whether the electrician offers a warranty associated with their workmanship.

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